The Best Locking Mailboxes for Secure Deliveries

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Best Locking Mailbox Options


Mailboxes date back to the 1800s as a way to receive your postal deliveries without being home. The solid construction keeps your mail and packages safe from wind, rain, snow, and hail. A regular mailbox can’t deter a nosy neighbor or parcel thief, but the best locking mailbox can: These boxes strengthen the security of your packages, featuring a slot to insert the letters or parcels, and a locked portion that can be accessed for mail retrieval using a key.

Locking mailboxes can be mounted on your wall at your front door or they can be mounted on a post in your yard. Consider whether you’d prefer a wall- or post-mounted design. If you’re replacing your current mailbox and want to keep the same type, look for a product with a similar shape and size. A new wall-mounted mailbox must cover any outline or screw holes left behind in the wall, and a post-mounted mailbox should fit onto the existing post.

It’s also worth considering whether you want a locking mailbox that is designed to accept packages or just letters. A locking mailbox for larger packages can be pricey, but also offers the most security and peace of mind.

Our Top Picks

This guide showcases some of the best locking mailbox options for your home in a variety of sizes, shapes, and mounting styles.

Best Overall

Best Locking Mailbox Options: Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Curbside Locking Security Mailbox

This USPS-approved locking mailbox is designed to keep your mail and small packages safe while you’re away and comes with all required installation hardware—so you can install it on your post as soon as it arrives. The Mail Boss Curbside Locking Mailbox has a solid, durable construction made of galvanized welded steel to prevent it from being dented, damaged, or otherwise destroyed. The doors operate with stainless steel hinges, which are naturally resistant to the elements, so you won’t have to worry about your hinges rusting.

The mailbox measures 21 inches deep by 12 inches high by 10.6 inches wide, giving you ample space for mail and small parcel delivery. Once parcels and letters go in, you can only get them out with the key. A baffle door on the inside prevents fishing and Mail Boss’ patented anti-pry latch deters leveraged entry with a screwdriver or pry bar. The high security, 12-disc wafer lock on this mailbox is rated as both an anti-drill and anti-pick mechanism by USPS, so you know your mail is safe.


Best Locking Mailbox Options: Polar Aurora Mailbox Cast Aluminum Black Mail Box

The Polar Aurora Heavy Duty Locking Mailbox is an ideal choice if you like the post-mounted style, but don’t want to deal with fitting your mailbox to a pole. With this locking mailbox, a specifically designed post is included along with all the hardware you will need to assemble the entire unit. Once it has been put together the whole product measures 46 inches tall by 14 inches deep by 16.5 inches wide, while the mailbox alone is 9.8 inches deep by 11.8 inches high by 13.4 inches wide.

This mailbox comes in three different color choices, including black, white, and bronze, and is made with rust-resistant cast aluminum that easily protects your mail from the elements. The antique exterior is an elegant upgrade to your garden, ensuring that your mailbox is not an eyesore at the front of your house. The locking mailbox comes with two keys to the 5-pin cam lock so that you always have a spare. However, this mailbox does not have a red flag, so it can only be used for receiving mail, not to mail letters or packages out.

Upgrade Pick

Best Locking Mailbox Options: Mail Boss 7207 Package Master Curbside Locking Security Mailbox

The Mail Boss Package Master Locking Mailbox is an expensive addition to your home but has a strong, durable design that makes it worth the higher price. The stainless steel hinges are resistant to the elements and the electro-galvanized welded steel body prevents brute force break-ins. The anti-pry latch keeps out thieves who may try to pry the mailbox open, while the 12-disc wafer lock is rated for anti-pick and anti-drill security and is made with flame hardened steel.

The locking mailbox measures 21.5 inches deep by 16.5 inches high by 12 inches wide and has a large package slot that accepts items up to 10.5 inches deep by 4.5 inches high by 4.5 inches wide. A larger slot size can encourage fishing, because the opening appears wider and easier to access, but the mail shield mechanism within the mailbox prevents this type of theft. You can select from four different color choices including white, black, granite, and bronze, and rely on Mail Boss’ patented Fast-Track mounting plate for quick and easy installation.

Best Bang for the Buck

Best Locking Mailbox Options: Solar THVKB0001 THVKB001 Black Townhouse Wall Mount Mailbox

This bargain locking mailbox doesn’t have the most advanced locking mechanism on the market, but the simple concealed cam lock, hidden under the top flap, is more than enough to deter most mail thieves. It comes with a set of two keys, so that you always have an extra on hand, or so someone else in your house can access the mailbox. The plain, black exterior is suitable for almost any exterior decor and blends into the background, instead of attracting unwanted attention to your mail.

The rust-resistant galvanized steel construction is durable enough to protect your mail and packages against the wind, rain, sleet, and snow, while the powder-coated finish helps to extend the life of the mailbox. The mailbox measures 4.1 inches deep by 10.2 inches high by 8.6 inches wide and does require some assembly before use. However, the mounting hardware is not included, so you will need to either have hardware on hand, or you will need to pick up appropriate hardware for mounting in your chosen location.

Best Wall-Mounted

Best Locking Mailbox Options: Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking

If you have had a post-mount mailbox, but didn’t like having to walk so far to retrieve your mail, or you want to replace a current wall-mounted mailbox with a new product, the Gibraltar Mailboxes Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox is the solution you need. The galvanized steel construction is naturally rust-resistant and has a powder-coated finish for long-lasting protection against the elements. It has a 4.2-inch-by-12.6-inch-by-9.7-inch compartment size for your mail but isn’t large enough for packages.

Located under the top lid is a concealed second lid with an open slot for the mail carrier. This second lid has a camlock that can only be opened with one of the two included keys. With this locking mailbox, you get to choose between five different colors including black, white, bronze with satin nickel, black with brass, and bronze with brass. However, the mounting hardware does not come with the mailbox, so you will need to acquire the appropriate hardware.

Best Post-Mounted

Best Locking Mailbox Options: Mail Boss 7536 Street Safe Latitude Security Locking Mailbox

If you don’t want a mail carrier coming up to your door every day, or you just prefer the functionality and aesthetic of a post-mounted mailbox, the Mail Boss Street Safe Dual-Locking Mailbox is a worthy option for your tastes. The 14- and 16- gauge galvanized steel is an excellent deterrent against vandalism and the stainless steel hinges are resistant to the elements, ensuring your mailbox lasts a long time.

The dual-locking design lets you access your mail with one of the three included keys from the back of the box. The mailbox measures 21 inches deep by 11.25 inches high by 10.75 inches wide and is secured with two 12-disc wafer locks with anti-pick and anti-drill ratings. Your mail is further protected by an interior baffle door to prevent fishing and an anti-pry latch so the mailbox cannot be forced open with a prying tool, like a screwdriver.

Best for Packages

Best Locking Mailbox Options: Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10 Oasis

If you frequently order items online and worry about the safety of your parcels when you aren’t at home, you may benefit from the extra-large size and specific package delivery features of the Architectural Mailboxes Locking Parcel Mailbox. The locking mailbox can accept small to medium parcels up to 9.75 inches by 6.5 inches by 2 inches in size. The entire box measures 18.5 inches deep by 15 inches high by 12 inches wide giving you more than enough space for multiple package deliveries and an average volume of mail.

Once delivered, your packages are protected by the heavy-duty 16- and 18-gauge galvanized steel mailbox, an anti-pry latch, an anti-fishing hopper door, and a pick-resistant stainless steel lock which can only be opened using one of the two included keys. The doors of the locking mailbox have weather-resistant rubber seals to keep your mail dry and stainless steel hardware that is naturally rust-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your mailbox becoming stuck in the open or closed position.

Honorable Mention

Best Locking Mailbox Options: Locking Mailbox Wall Mounted Vertical

If you want to replace your old wall-mount mailbox with a new locking mailbox, but don’t want a bland, forgettable design, then take a look at the 14 different color and style options offered for the Jssmst Locking Mailbox Large Capacity. Each product is equal in construction and locking capabilities but has a different exterior design that you can match with the outside of your home and your personal tastes.

The locking mailbox measures 4.9 inches deep by 15.9 inches high by 12.4 inches wide and comes with two keys for the household. The durable galvanized steel body is a great vandalism deterrent and it is powder-coated to protect your mail from the elements. The mailbox comes with pre-drilled holes, mounting screws, and detailed instructions so that you know you have everything you need to install it as soon as it arrives.

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