The Best Wrench Organizers to Keep Your Tool Box Tidy

Save time and minimize frustration with the right organizer for your wrench collection, work style, space, an

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Save time and minimize frustration with the right organizer for your wrench collection, work style, space, and budget. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Best Wrench Organizer Options


The wrench is an essential hand tool required for just about anything that involves working with nuts and bolts, including plumbing, HVAC, auto mechanics, and more. So whether you’re a professional tradesperson or passionate DIYer, you probably own an assortment of wrenches of all shapes and sizes. Yet when these essentials are haphazardly strewn about in a cluttered mess, finding the wrench you need when you need it can be a challenge. Fortunately, a wrench organizer can save you time and frustration, neatly arranging all of your wrenches at-a-glance inside your toolbox or wherever is most convenient.

These slotted trays or racks are typically made of heavy-duty plastic that can neatly store between 10 to 40 wrenches so that they can be clearly identified and accessed. What’s more, by consolidating your wrenches, these organizers use the precious space in your toolbox or chest more effectively. So if you’re ready to restore order to your workshop, check out this list of the best wrench organizers to find the one that suits your work style, space, and budget.

Our Top Picks

Whether you have dozens of wrenches or just a few, there’s bound to be a wrench organizer to satisfy your needs. You can store your newly organized wrenches inside your tool chest or toolbox drawer, or hang them up on your shop wall.

Best Overall

Best Wrench Organizer Options: Tool Sorter Wrench Organizer - Red

For sorting, organizing, and storing standard (SAE) and metric wrenches in a securely enclosed case, Tool Sorter’s wrench organizer is hard to beat. It can hold up to 28 wrenches from 7mm or ¼-inch to 19mm or ¾-inch, with a length of up to 9½ inches. The compact case is made with storage and portability in mind, allowing you to keep it tucked away in a standard-sized drawer.

What makes this organizer truly unique is the integrated sizing bar that allows you to easily identify and sort your wrenches. Each storage slot is individually marked along the sizing bar so you can “slide, flip, and store” to identify and organize with ease. The main disadvantage is that the storage slots lack a mechanism for securely holding each individual wrench in place. Consequently, wrenches may fall out during transport or if the case is stored vertically. Aside from that issue, the Tool Sorter Wrench Organizer is a smart solution for wrench chaos.

Best Bang For the Buck

Best Wrench Organizer Options: Ernst 5060-Red 16-Tool Standard Wrench Organizer, Red

Don’t want to throw a wrench in your budget? Consider this organizer, offering impressive storage capacity at a great price. Ernst’s 5060 model, which holds 16 different standard-sized wrenches, can be stored in your toolbox or hung on the wall. At just 1½ inches tall, it easily sits inside most standard-sized drawers and has keyhole slots for easy hanging vertically. It’s made in the USA out of solvent-resistant material with a lifetime guarantee, so you can rest assured that it can withstand regular shop use.

One disadvantage is that this model is technically a tray that each wrench loosely rests in without being securely held in place. This makes it well suited for stationary storage in a drawer, but not very good for a portable toolbox. It’s also only designed to hold SAE wrenches, so you’re somewhat out of luck if you also own metric wrenches. But if you strictly own standard wrenches and want to stay on a budget, Ernst’s 5060 model is a solid product at a great price.

Upgrade Pick

Best Wrench Organizer Options: Ernst Manufacturing Gripper Wrench Organizer, 15 Tool, Black

For excellent storage or as a stand-alone transport option, Ernst’s “gripper” wrench organizing tray is a great choice. Soft-gripping teeth integrated into the storage slots hold your SAE and metric wrenches securely in place.

The organizer can hold up to 15 wrenches from 6mm (or ¼-inch) to 20mm (or 1⅛-inch) and offers a handle for easy portability that readily folds down for optimizing storage space. If you prefer to hang it on your wall or pegboard, Ernst also offers a version with double-sided or magnetic tape and a separate Vertical Cart Mount Kit. This gripper is made in the USA with solvent-resistant material that has a lifetime guarantee.

Most Secure

Best Wrench Organizer Options: Steelman Universal 10-Tool Wrench Holder Organizer for Mechanics

Workshops have their share of risks, but tumbling tools shouldn’t be one of them. This 10-tool organizer from Steelman offers a seriously secure way to organize and store your wrenches. It features a storage compartment with spring clips in every slot plus a snapping lid that closes tight. This makes it possible to safely store your wrenches anywhere, from a portable toolbox, stationery drawer, on your wall, or anywhere else with no fear of a clunky hand tool falling out.

There’s a nifty folding handle you can deploy for transport or hanging, and then tuck back in for compact storage. Do keep in mind that the organizer’s 1¾-inch height requires deeper storage space than some drawers might permit, and it has a relatively small storage capacity of 10 wrenches. But if your greatest concern is keeping your wrenches firmly in place, this Stillman case is a top-notch choice.

Best Roll-Up

Best Wrench Organizer Options: Bull Tools 26 Pocket Hand Crafted

Tool rolls (also called roll-ups) are pieces of rugged fabric with multiple pockets for storing hand tools. They’re laid out flat when accessing your tools and are rolled up into a compact bundle for transport and storage. What makes the tool roll from Bull Tools unique is the varying lengths and widths of the storage pockets specifically designed with a set of wrenches in mind.

The Bull Tools pouch offers 26 total pockets to fit wrenches from 4 to 12 inches long and ¾ to 2 inches wide. It’s made from a combination of heavy-duty oxford canvas and waterproof PVC that makes it highly resilient to moisture and grime. It measures in at 13½ inches long and 30 inches wide when laid out flat, but only 5 inches wide when rolled up, so it’s easy to tuck away in a small space for storage.

Best Large Capacity

Best Wrench Organizer Options: Ernst Manufacturing Wrench Rail Set with Magnetic Backing

The two-piece rail set from Ernst holds an impressive 40 wrenches in a considerably compact space. The set’s two stand-alone rails can be spaced out to accommodate the specific length of your wrenches. This makes the set highly versatile, too, as it can accommodate any extra-large or small wrenches that don’t properly rest in the storage slots of most standard organizers.

Magnetic backing on the bottom of each rail prevents them from sliding when opening and closing your toolbox drawers, so you needn’t worry about wrenches being thrown out of place. The only real disadvantage is that this set is limited to use in a toolbox drawer; it isn’t suitable for portable tool boxes or hanging vertically.

Best Small Capacity

Best Wrench Organizer Options: Ernst Manufacturing Gripper Stubby Wrench Organizer

This 10-piece organizer is essentially the more compact version of Ernst’s 15-piece gripper set (described above), measuring 9 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 1½ inches high. Like the original, this organizer has slots with gripped teeth to dependably hold your metric wrenches sized from 10mm to 19mm. It also features the same foldaway handle for portability or hanging on the wall of your shop.

The primary disadvantage is that it only fits metric (not standard) wrenches. Also, Its slimmer width doesn’t provide as strong of a grip as the original, since it grabs a smaller portion of the wrench’s handle. But if you have limited space or only a few wrenches to organize, this may be just what you need.

Best Magnetic

Best Wrench Organizer Options: Olsa Tools Professional Magnetic Wrench Holder Organizer

Having a wrench organizer with spring clips and a magnetic base opens you up to a whole new world of storage and arrangement opportunities. Olsa’s wall-mounted rack holds up to 10 wrenches, in both standard (⅜-inch to 15/16-inches) and metric (10mm to 19mm) sizes. It uses spring clips to grab hold of your wrenches yet allows the tools to be easily removed by hand.

The magnetic base can be attached to practically any magnetic surface, including inside or outside of your toolbox, or on a metal pegboard. This helps preserve precious real estate in your boxes and drawers while keeping your wrenches readily accessible. It only holds 10 wrenches, so if you have a large collection, you may opt to purchase a few.

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