The Best Bathroom Scales for Your Home

Whether you prefer old-school analog or high-tech digital, the best bathroom scale for you reads your weight

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Whether you prefer old-school analog or high-tech digital, the best bathroom scale for you reads your weight and almost any other health indicators you want. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Bathroom Scale Option


Regular use of a bathroom scale is a great way to track your weight and monitor other health indicators, but you need the best bathroom scale for your lifestyle. When you step onto a bathroom scale it registers your weight on an analog or digital display, but some scales also monitor health indicators such as BMI (Body Mass Index), sync with your fitness program, and more.

Yes, there are still analog scales, the kind you step on and watch as an arrow points to your weight, although digital scales have quickly become the standard. Many people think digital displays give more accurate readings. The ability to sync some scales to Bluetooth or transmit data directly to a smartphone or smart home system, like Amazon Alexa, are attractive options for some users.

Our Top Picks

The best bathroom scale is easy to read, measures your weight and other health variables, and looks great in your bathroom. Consider the high-functioning scales listed below to choose the right one for you.

Best Overall

The Best Bathroom Scale Option: Posture Body Fat Scale

The Posture Body Fat Scale gives you easily accessible information on 11 different health indicators: weight, BMI, body fat rate, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle rate, muscle mass, bone mass, and protein BMR, and body age. The scale allows up to 24 users to store profiles on the scales’ app and access it through a smartphone. You can sync the app and scale data with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit so that you don’t need to enter it into those programs manually.

The black tempered glass surface and backlit digital display look great in any bathroom and sit on top of four high-precision sensors capable of detecting weight from 0.4 pounds to 400 pounds. You can even set the bathroom scale to take your baby’s weight (or even a small pet).


The Best Bathroom Scale Option: Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale

Intended for minimalist bathrooms, the Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale has an incredibly slim body, with a black tempered glass platform that is just 6mm thick. You can rely on this bathroom scale to give you accurate readings of any weight between 0.1 and 400 pounds. This small scale also provides a weight reading as soon as you step onto it, so you needn’t stand still until a number appears. The Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale has a blue backlit LCD display with bold, black text that makes it easy to read, so you needn’t crouch down to see the number. It has a low battery and overload indicator. Another bonus: The scale tracks your previous weight and shows how much weight you’ve gained or lost.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Bathroom Scale Option: Withings Body+ Smart Bathroom Scale

The Withings Body+ Smart Bathroom Scale is another step toward a smart home future. You can use this scale’s app to link it to Amazon Alexa to quickly check your weight, health data, and other information wherever Alexa lives. The scale also connects to more than 100 popular health and fitness apps, including Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit. You can set the scale so that it recognizes and automatically tracks eight individual users. You can check body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass. The Withings Body+ scale even has a feature that tracks weight and health indicators specifically for pregnant women (with obstetrician-reviewed advice) and infants. The scale also provides the local weather forecast.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Bathroom Scale Option: Loftilla Bathroom Scale

You don’t need to pay a fortune for a stylish, accurate scale that tracks your weight and BMI. The affordable Loftilla Bathroom Scale has a sleek, black design and bold, red digital display that adds to the decor in any bathroom. Don’t be fooled by the 5mm-thick tempered glass and ABS plastic base that makes the scale look fragile. It’s durable, and its four sensors are sensitive enough to measure as little as 0.2 pounds and up to 400 pounds. The bathroom scale syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you always know your last reading, BMI trends, and more. The scale supports as many users as you have smartphones and stores data directly on the user’s personal device.

Best Patterned

The Best Bathroom Scale Option: Yoobure Weight Scale with Tempered Glass

Sure, you want your bathroom scale to track your weight and other health indicators, but it’s great if it adds to your bathroom’s decor, too. You’ll get all of those benefits with the Yoobure tempered glass digital scale that features a white floral pattern with delicate butterflies laid over a striking black tempered glass platform. The scale’s readings are precise, due in large part to the four sensors installed under the 6mm-thick tempered glass platform. It accurately measures weights between 11 and 400 pounds, which it displays on the bright LCD screen with bold, easy-to-read numbers. The Yoobure scale features a low battery and overload indicator. Anti-skid padding on the bottom of the scale prevents it from sliding when you stand on it. When you set it on a flat surface, it automatically calibrates.

Best Modern

The Best Bathroom Scale Option: Beautural Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

The Beautural Precision Digital Bathroom Scale fits in nicely with the white, cream, light gray, and other lighter paint tones used for modern bathrooms. It has a transparent, 6mm thick, tempered glass platform that sits on four high-precision sensors that measure weights ranging from 11 to 400 pounds. The scale has non-slip feet that prevent it from moving when you step on it. The large backlit LCD display makes it easy to read the bold, digital text. You don’t even need to tap on the Beautural scale to turn it on. Just step on and wait until the display flashes three times, then look at your reading. The scale turns off by itself after 10 seconds to conserve power.

Dial/Digital Hybrid

The Best Bathroom Scale Option: Ozeri Rev Bathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial

The Ozeri Rev Bathroom Scale arguably offers usability for households with multiple users where some prefer analog and others prefer digital readings. It features a bright, backlit LCD display and a 5.5-inch mechanical dial. The impact-resistant tempered glass platform sits on four highly sensitive precision sensors that measure you (or even your pet). This bathroom scale has a measurement range between 0.1 and 400 pounds, has slip-resistant feet, and a built-in alarm that can be programmed to remind you to check your weight at the same time every day. After you weigh yourself, the Ozeri Rev scale automatically turns off, so you don’t have to remember to turn it off or fumble for the power switch. It is available in black, white, or teal blue.

Best Dial

The Best Bathroom Scale Option: Health O Meter Oversized Dial Scale

You may admire digital displays but just want a basic, accurate bathroom scale. The Health O Meter Oversized Dial Scale features a large, 5.5-inch dial that marks your weight without the need for batteries or any other power source. The dial has large numbers and a bold pointer to indicate your weight from 1 to 400 pounds in 1 pound increments. One caveat––If you weigh more than 300 pounds, you will need to look at a secondary number shown in a red font that begins at 310 pounds. The frame of the Health O Meter scale is made of sturdy, durable stainless steel, and the platform has a soft mat for your feet. One other thing to note––some users said it was difficult to read the weight without bending down.

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