When the Covid 19 pandemic struck earlier this year, school systems and parents scrambled to put remote learning in place for the nation’s children. Now, with at-home learning still a required option at many schools—and many parents considering it safer for their family—it’s time to gear up for another semester of remote education. Fortunately, with a bit of planning and thought, you can create the best possible environment for kids of any age to do schoolwork and have fun.

Some children naturally flourish with at-home learning and others are more easily distracted, but all will benefit from a designated learn-from-home space. Carving out such an area from your limited floor plan and making it conducive to concentration, imagination, and exploration is doable. Just employ these tips from teachers, child and school psychologists, art therapists, counselors, and instructional coaches and it will be, well, maybe not as easy as A-B-C but certainly not as challenging as trigonometry!