The Best Grill Tongs for Your Grilling Arsenal

Be ready for your next backyard barbecue with a sleek and reliable set of grill and its par

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Be ready for your next backyard barbecue with a sleek and reliable set of grill tongs. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Best Grill Tongs


A cold drink, good company, and an open grill make for a great cookout. But, if you don’t have the right tools to manage your grill, you could end up with poorly cooked food that’s mostly stuck to the grate. Opting for regular kitchen tongs at the grill also leads to injuries, since many aren’t designed for use on the barbecue.

The best grill tongs are sturdy yet easy to maneuver and will keep your hands safe from the heat. Tongs designed for grilling are longer than the average kitchen ones, generally available in lengths from 9 to 18 inches. If you try to use short tongs on a large grill, you may get burned, so go with a length that’s suitable for the depth of your grill.

Grilling tongs are most often made with stainless steel, which offers durability. Some have silicone tips, which are heat-resistant and won’t scratch the grill. There are tongs available with ergonomic grips that can make long barbecuing sessions more comfortable, or assist cooks with weakness in the wrists. These tongs also come in special shapes built around function, such as those for heavy-duty grilling or smoking.

Not all grilling tongs are dishwasher safe, such as ones with wooden handles. If dishwasher compatibility is important for you, keep a lookout for sets that specify this. Most pairs include a loop for locking and hanging your tongs. You can also find unique colors to add a little charm to your barbecue setup. Keep these elements in mind as you search for the best grilling tongs for your cooking needs.

Our Top Picks

Ready to get grilling? These recommendations for the best grill tongs are among some of the most durable and reliable on the market.

Best Overall

Best Grill Tongs Weber

The first thing you might notice about the Weber Original Stainless Steel Grill Tongs is that the scalloped edges point downward towards the food you’re grabbing for a better hold. The extra-long 18-inch handle will keep your hands out of the heat, while you turn ribs, move large roasts, or rearrange charcoal like a pro.

You can grill for hours with the Weber tongs holding the soft, comfortable non-slip grip handles. When you’re done, just rinse them off and toss them in the dishwasher. Use the loop to hang them from the grill or to pull the tongs closed and store them in a drawer.


Best Grill Tongs Stainless

This affordable two-pack gives you two pairs of tongs, a 9-inch and a 12-inch pair, for the price of most single tongs. The shorter tongs are suitable for kitchen tasks, while the longer ones are safer for use on the grill. The ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE tongs are incredibly durable, made of stainless steel with a brushed steel finish. Choose the best match for your kitchen and grill with handles in black, grey, or red.

With the scalloped metal ends, you can easily grab food as you cook. The non-stick, ergonomic grip allows for hours of comfortable grilling. After you’ve finished, these tongs will go right in the dishwasher. Use the large loop on the end to lock them closed for storage or hang them from the grill.

Best Set

Best Grill Tongs Jinkitch

Another great two-for-one set, this stainless steel duo includes a 9-inch hybrid tong/spatula and a 12-inch pair of conventional tongs. Use the tong/spatula hybrid to flip burgers or turn sausages without switching utensils. Between the two of these, you can securely grip and manipulate almost any food regardless of the size and shape. The 12-inch tongs are safer and more appropriate to use on larger grills.

The thermoplastic rubber (TPR) handles with grooves for your thumbs are both comfortable and heat-resistant. Wash the Joinkitch tongs in the dishwasher or by hand. But, make sure you dry them before you put them away to preserve the TPR. Once they’re clean, lock the tongs closed and store them in a drawer or hang them by their loop.

Best Bang for the Buck

Best Grill Tongs DRAGONN

The DRAGONN Premium Stainless-Steel Tongs are a great option for cooks on a budget. The set includes two pairs of durable, brushed stainless steel tongs in 9- and 12-inch sizes, suitable for kitchen and grilling tasks, respectively. The cushioned non-slip rubber grip offers comfort during long grilling sections. When you’re done, drop them in the dishwasher, then pull the loop to lock them and hang them up.

Best For Tailgate

Best Grill Tongs YouTheFan

Show your team spirit at tailgate parties with YouTheFan NFL Grill-A-Tongs. They come laser cut with the logo for one of 24 American hockey teams, the team’s name emblazoned on the maple handles.

These tongs are wide and flat enough to flip burgers, while the curved, saw-toothed edge gives you a handle on hotdogs, steaks or kebabs. At 18 inches long, they’ll keep your hands safely away from the flame. When you’re done with them, use the built-in bottle opener to serve yourself a cold one.

Best Silicon Tip

Best Grill Tongs Silicone

This two-pair set is a solid choice for the grill chef who doesn’t want to scratch the grill. COOK with COLOR Silicone Tipped Cooking Tongs also handle delicate grillables, like salmon, with care. But, keep in mind, silicone is more sensitive to high heat, so don’t leave these grill tongs sitting over the flame for too long.

The 9- and 12-inch tongs come in rose gold metal with your choice of black, grey, or pink handles and tips. The grooved, non-slip handles and scalloped silicone heads offer comfort and a precise grip. Hand-wash these grill tongs to maintain the rose gold color. Dry and lock with the loop for storage.

Best Heavy-Duty

Best Grill Tongs BBQTongs

The Shark BBQ Long Heavy Duty Grill Tongs take grilling from hobby to passion. The rust-resistant stainless steel tongs feature two distinct heads that can grab almost anything you throw on the grill. One side is flat like a spatula with a sharpened edge that will slide between or under your grillables. The other side has two serrated edges and a notched tip for cutting and gripping all types of food, from soft fish to heavy briskets.

The 17.5-inch tongs with unique scissor-style handles keep your hand further from the flame than traditional tongs. The PVC coating makes for a comfortable grip. While there’s no loop for hanging and locking, these tongs stay closed on their own. When you’re done, drop them in the dishwasher.

Best Hybrid

Best Grill Tongs GrillPro

If you want to streamline your grilling arsenal, the GrillPro 2 In 1 Turner/Tong is a worthy option. This pair of grill tongs features a triangular tong on one side and a flat spatula on the other, so you can flip burgers just as easily as you turn hotdogs. The 16-inch length makes them great for any size grill.

These chrome-plated hybrid grill tongs with soft, rubber grips are dishwasher safe for a hassle-free cleanup. They’ll stay closed on their own and they hang by the handle.

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