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The Best Digital Picture Frame Option


These days you likely don’t have your photos printed and developed, but that doesn’t mean you need to whip out your mobile phone to show off your images. The best digital picture frames take advantage of the storage available on your camera or phone, so you can upload your photos for display. Using digital screens, these frames display a range of different photos, sometimes up to 10,000.

The best digital picture frame for your house depends on the screen’s size, connection versatility, screen resolution, and any extra features you may want. Ten-inch screens are standard, but you can find picture frames that are up to 15.6 inches. They commonly require a USB flash drive to load your photos onto the digital pictures frame. Some frames allow you to upload images through email, the cloud, or various apps.

If you have a high-quality camera and take high-definition (HD) photos—very sharp and clear—you likely want a digital picture frame that correctly displays them. However, if you only use the camera on your mobile phone, then HD won’t improve the display as drastically as you may think, so you might want to buy a lower-resolution frame. Many of the best digital picture frames allow you to control music or video files through a touchscreen or remote control as well.

Our Top Picks

The products below were selected based on screen size, screen resolution, versatility, and extra features like remote or touchscreen control and music, game, or internet access. These devices are among the best digital picture frame options for your home.

Best Overall

The Best Digital Picture Frame Option: Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame 10 inch

When you choose the Dragon Touch WiFi Digital Picture Frame, you get up to 16 gigabytes (GB) of storage space, which amounts to space for about 40,000 photos of approximately 300 kilobytes (KB) each. The screen is 10 inches and has a 1280-pixel-by-800-pixel resolution—that’s high resolution such as you would find with professional photos—to display your photos and videos up to 30 seconds in length.

The photos or videos can be uploaded to the Dragon Touch frame via the OurPhoto app, your email, or the cloud. The frame receives the photo anytime it is connected to WiFi. The frame’s USB port or an SD card allows you to add photos on your frame without WiFi. Then, you use the frame’s touchscreen or the accompanying smartphone app to choose the images to be displayed and to change various settings. You can position the frame horizontally, vertically, or hang the frame on the wall, and the auto-rotate function ensures the photos are shown in the proper orientation.


The Best Digital Picture Frame Option: Skylight Frame - 10 Inch Wifi Digital Picture Frame

With the 10-inch Skylight frame, you only need one minute of setup time before your digital photos are ready for  display. You take it out of the box, plug it in, connect it to your WiFi, upload pictures, and then you’re done. The Skylight Frame has 8GB of memory, which the manufacturer states will store about 8,000 photos, though this estimate may be a little low. Usually, you can store around 30,000 images with this amount of space, but internal operations can take up some room.

WiFi is required to load the frame with photos, and the frame comes with a unique email address to access them. The Skylight’s intuitive touch screen display allows you to change settings, and the photos are displayed in 1280-pixel-by-800-pixel high resolution.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Digital Picture Frame Option: Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame 15.6 Inch

The Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame displays 40,000 images on a high-quality screen and boasts 16GB of internal storage space. The frame is WiFi-enabled and can be populated with photos from the Nixplay app, your email, or other online sources including Dropbox and Instagram. It’s also Amazon Alexa compatible, allowing you to operate the picture frame through speech.

Your photos and videos are displayed on a 15.6-inch screen that offers 1920-pixel-by-1080-pixel high-definition resolution. The frame can be positioned vertically or horizontally and will display your images in the correct orientation. You can use an app, voice commands, or even a small remote control to change settings. The Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame is also available in smaller 10- and 13-inch options.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Digital Picture Frame Option: MRQ 14 Inch Full HD Digital Photo Frame

You can’t use WiFi to control the MQR Digital Photo Frame, but it comes at an affordable price with a bounty of features. A USB port or SD card slot is included to upload the photos for display. The digital picture frame plays the pictures and videos directly from the USB or SD card instead of taking up an internal storage system’s processing power.

The MRQ frame displays pictures in 1920-pixel-by-1080-pixel resolution on its LED screen. When you or someone else walks within about 8 feet of the frame, a motion sensor turns it on. When no one is nearby, the frame automatically turns off to conserve energy. This affordable frame comes with a remote control and can play background music during picture slideshows. One note: It cannot be wall-mounted.

Best Touchscreen

The Best Digital Picture Frame Option: Feelcare 10 Inch Digital Picture Frame Touch Screen

The intuitive touchscreen design of the Feelcare Digital Picture Frame Touch Screen makes it easy to set up and accurately adjust settings for videos and photos. You can use the Frameo app, a micro USB port, or a micro SD card port to upload photos and videos up to 15 seconds long on this WiFi-enabled picture frame. The Frameo app allows you to connect your frame to more than 500 contacts. Family, friends, and other contacts can drop new images into your digital frame from wherever they have WiFi.

The Feelcare digital picture frame has a 800-pixel-by-1280-pixel resolution and an internal storage capacity of 16GB (about 40,000 photos). The frame can be placed vertically or horizontally and will automatically rotate the images to the correct orientation.

Best High-Definition

The Best Digital Picture Frame Option: Atatat WiFi Digital Picture Frame 10 Inch

The Atatat WiFi HD Digital Picture Frame displays your photos and short videos in up to 1920-pixel-by-1080-pixel HD resolution. You can even put a short caption on your photos. This WiFi-enabled frame allows you to send images to it from the OurPhoto app, email, Facebook, or Twitter. Uploading is also supported by a USB port and SD card slot. The Atatat 10-inch digital picture frame has an auto-rotate feature, so you set the frame down vertically, horizontally, or hang it on the wall, and your images are displayed in the proper orientation.

Best Versatility

The Best Digital Picture Frame Option: Pix-Star 10 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame

This Pix-Star frame offers you many different options to import your images. This versatile WiFi-enabled digital picture frame accepts photos from the Pix-Star app, your email, a local USB drive, a SD card, and many popular social media websites including Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and more. The digital picture display measures 9.7 inches and has internal memory of 8GB, which translates to a maximum storage capacity of about 30,000 images. Those images are displayed in 1024-pixel-by-768-pixel resolution.

The Pix-Star frame allows you to listen to your choice of hundreds of preprogrammed radio stations or upload your music through the USB or SD port. The frame is also loaded with brain games that you can play on your own or with another person. Plus, you can schedule reminders into the frame’s calendar which will appear on the screen.

Best Remote Control

The Best Digital Picture Frame Option: MQR 15.6 Inch Digital Picture Frame with Remote

If you want the convenience of remote control for your digital picture frame without connecting to a smartphone or computer, consider the MQR 15.6 Inch Digital Picture Frame with Remote. The remote allows you to quickly and effectively control the 15.6-inch digital picture frame from across a room. This digital picture frame does not have WiFi, but it supports both USB drives and SD cards up to 32GB in size.

The MQR’s screen has a 1920-pixel-by-1080-pixel HD resolution to display your high-quality pictures and videos in impressive detail. The digital picture frame also comes with built-in speakers for background music and a motion sensor function that turns the screen on when someone is within about 8 feet.

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