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9 Design Pros Share Their Favorite Shade of White Paint

Larina Kase picks white shades according to her clients’ style, with the help of a design quiz that helps her home in on the right hue. “Light levels and floor color” are important considerations when choosing white shades, explains Kase, “A floor with honey-warm tones can reflect and make the walls look more yellow than desired.” While the perfect pick takes a bit of artistic detective work, she favors white paints from Benjamin Moore, including Super White, Chantilly Lace, White Dove (pictured here), Decorator’s White, Vanilla Milkshake, and Steam.

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10 American Boom Towns That Became Ghost Towns

Several lucrative coal mines fostered the town of Sims, North Dakota, which was established in 1881 and had a population of more than 1,000 that year. Within three years, the vibrant community bustled with three general stores, two real estate offices, seven saloons, two churches, two boarding houses, a school, a drug store, a jewelry store, a hotel, a post office, a lumberyard, a brickworks, and a Northern Pacific railroad depot. But higher-quality coal was discovered elsewhere, and the population dropped by more than half by 1890. The worst kiss of death for Sims, however, came in 1928, when U.S. Highway 10 bypassed the struggling town. By 1948, only the caretaker of the Lutheran church remained—and ultimately he, too, moved away...

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11 Ways to Stay Safe During a Heat Wave

Protect yourself and your family by knowing the signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Their symptoms are similar and should always be taken seriously. Watch for dizziness, headache, nausea, loss of consciousness, and a fast or weakening pulse. With heat exhaustion, the skin is cold and pale, and feels clammy. Once heatstroke kicks in, body temperatures rise to 103 degrees or higher, and the skin becomes hot, red, dry, or damp because it stops sweating. If you or anyone else shows these symptoms, get medical attention immediately.

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10 American Landmarks That Were Almost Destroyed

Although the Statue of Liberty has become a symbol of freedom and of the friendship between the United States and France, sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi initially envisioned the massive figure as a robed peasant woman with a torch, standing at the entrance to the Suez Canal in Egypt. When that idea was scuttled, Bartholdi turned his attention to the United States, transforming his Egyptian peasant into a female embodiment of liberty. While the statue itself was paid for by France, through donations from city governments, citizens, and even schoolchildren, the United States needed to pay for the pedestal. When fundraising faltered stateside, newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer took up the crusade, urging readers to contribute. The campaign raised more than $100,000 in six months...

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The Best Rain Jackets for Outdoor Work and Adventure

Don’t let the rain turn your day outside into a wash. Stay dry with these top-quality products. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Best Rain Jacket Options


If you work outside or just enjoy the great outdoors, don’t let a downpour slow you down. Avoid getting soaked to the bone by arming yourself with the best rain jacket.

The best rain jackets keep you both dry and cool, unlike the stuffy old-school rain jackets. The best option for you may offer extra insulation for cold rains. Or, it may be super light and pack up small into a tiny built-in pocket to stash in your hiking pack or the trunk of your car.

Check out these products before your next rainy day.

  1. BEST OVERALL: The North Face Resolve Waterproof Jack...
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The Best Tool Backpacks for On-the-Go Jobs

Take your tools with you wherever you go with one of these easy-to-carry tool backpacks. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Tool Backpack Options


Tool backpacks have become must-have gear for on-the-go DIYers and industry professionals because of their flexibility, durability, and portability. Instead of struggling with a bulky tool box that’s difficult to carry or pack into a vehicle, a tool backpack lets you carry the load over your shoulders or down by your side. The material lets you easily shape it to fit into a packed car or truck.

The best tool backpack for you depends on your profession, the tools you use regularly, and any features that you want in your tool backpack, such as waterproof material or heavy-d...

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The Best Potting Soil for Your Container Plants

High-quality potting mix makes all the difference in plant performance. Choose the best potting soil for containers and watch your plants thrive. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Potting Soil Option


Unlike soil amendments that mix into natural soil for gardening, potting soil is an all-in-one mixture for container plantings that contains everything potted plants need to thrive. It’s an essential ingredient for indoor and outdoor container gardening with two major roles: to store and release water and nutrients that plants use; and to provide a stable base for plants to structurally anchor themselves. As an anchoring system, the soil must have a porous structure that allows the roots to penetrate deeply...

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The Best Right Angle Clamps for DIY Projects

Make joining wood at right angles easier with these top angle clamps. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Right Angle Clamp Options


When it comes to woodworking, it can be frustrating to hold two pieces of wood together at a 90-degree angle to join them. It’s a process that could benefit from an extra set of hands. A corner clamp, or right-angle clamp, is a better option for these projects.

A right-angle clamp consists of an L-shaped arbor that pushes against an L-shaped frame via a handle that attaches to a spindle. The vise holds two pieces of wood at a 90-degree angle with the ends perfectly aligned, which frees your hands to join the two pieces together either with glue or fasteners.

This guide will review the top p...

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Make Your Home Less Chaotic With These 12 Simple Changes

Old prescriptions, tubes of antifungal cream, that bottle of perfume from your grandma: It’s not uncommon for the medicine cabinet to be so full that you can’t open it without items tumbling down into the sink. Fortunately, this is one area that’s small enough to declutter in a half hour or so. First, get rid of anything that’s expired. Second, if your medicine cabinet is located in the same room as the shower or tub, there’s probably too much humidity for storing medications, so move OTC and prescription drugs to a kitchen cabinet or drawer...

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14 Abandoned Amusement Parks—and What They Look Like Now

Outdoor enthusiasts first flocked to Geauga Lake in 1887, when it opened as a waterfront recreational area known as the Geauga Lake Site near Bainbridge Township in Ohio. The site eventually added rides and transformed into an amusement park that would play a vital role in the regional economy until it began to shut down in 2007, with its last open area, Wildwater Kingdom, finally closing in 2016. With the amusement park now abandoned, still-standing rides, including the “Big Dipper,” a wooden roller coaster, and “Ripcord,” a skycoaster, loom over debris-strewn, weedy walkways. The city is considering proposals for a mixed-use development at the site of the much-missed park.

Wikimedia Commons via Astros4477 / via Mike


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