Most of us can appreciate the beauty of Christmas trees. But the bugs that feed off their sap? Not so much. The western conifer seed bug, one of those sap-sucking insects, is prevalent in the northern United States but has been expanding eastward as a result of climate change. Nearly an inch long and brownish in color, the insect produces a loud buzzing that can cause alarm, especially when a swarm seeks to spend the winter in your home. Though they won’t bite or sting you, western conifer seed bugs are extremely tough to exterminate, even with aggressive methods. Beyond sealing gaps around electrical boxes, sockets, switches, and light fixtures, spray exterior walls with a lasting residual insecticide in September to reduce the likelihood of an infestation. When applying insecticide, be sure to test a small patch first to make sure the chemical does not damage your house’s siding or paint, and always wear protective gear, including goggles, mask, and gloves.